Our Programs

Infant Childcare Room
Ages: 6 Weeks to 15 Months

Our infant child care room is designed to meet the special needs of infants. This room hosts a wide assortment of safety approved cribs, mobile activity pack 'n play units, rocking chairs, high chairs, changing tables and everything our staff needs to take excellent care of your infant.

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Transitional Toddler Childcare Room
Ages: 16 Months to 24 Months

As your baby grows, and is ready for more challenges, our staff in the Transitional Toddler Program will support and encourage your child’s development. Our program offers babies a safe, supportive environment to encourage their growing interest in walking, talking, playing and exploring. We will also introduce older infants to outdoor play.

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Toddler Childcare Room
Ages: 24 Months to 35 Months

For toddlers, the world is an adventure. Our teachers in the Toddler Program help these young explorers discover their world in a reassuring and structured setting, encouraging them to learn and develop a sense of confidence and independence. Helping your toddler with physical and language is central to our program.

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Preschool Childcare Room
Ages: 3 to 4 Years Old

Children thrive on exploration and creativity. Gramma’s School House gives preschool children the opportunity to learn on their own and at their own pace, while also providing enriching experiences through organized group activities. Teachers help children to learn as they enjoy activities in a variety of centers, including computers, blocks, dramatic play, science, music, puzzles, games, books, and math. Our program allows children to develop socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

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Ages: 4 to 6 Years Old

Here at Gramma's School House Childcare & Learning Center, we are always putting the needs of your child first. We understand what it takes to encourage young children to excell on all levels of life. We entertain each child while teaching Kindergarten basics hrough interactive media, traditional story time and creative educational tools that stimulate the mind and the imagination. Your child will cheerish the time spent with classmates and our dedicated staff.

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Before & After School Program Room
Ages: 5 to 10 Years Old

Our Before & After School Program for school-age children provides a unique before and after school learning experience to keep your child motivated and focused in a fun and stimulating environment. We also provide transportation for the children to and from school as part of our program.

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Outdoor Activities & Play Areas
Two Enclosed - Age Specific Playgrounds & Large Ball Field

All our outdoor activities and playground amusements are available to appropriate age groups. We encourage our children to have fun while discovering how to work in small groups, face personal challenges and to use dynamic physical skill sets.

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Safety, Health and Education
Healthy Living - Safe Environment - Education

At Gramma's School House we know the importance of your child's critical learning years. We have been mindful to develop key educational programs within a secure environment that allows your child to express themselves and have fun while learning new skill sets.

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