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The preciousness of our human life by kamala masters as a human being, we have the greatest potential of all creatures on earth to realize the dhamma, the true nature of reality; To experience an ineffable, unconditional peace;

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Discover and share precious human life is you ever stop to think how wonderful it is to be alive?don’t waste the day that you were given.every day, think as you wake up, today i am fortunate to be alive, i have a precious human life, i am not going to waste it.


Human life is precious quotes. Precious human life return to the quotations index. Human life is precious, sublime and meaningful. We have obtained this precious human birth and have come in contact with the teachings and spiritual friends.

Genius, like gold and precious stones, is chiefly prized because of its rarity. A man may live long yet very little. Without human values, life is meaningless.

The pain quotes below remind us that pain and suffering make us appreciate life and our loved ones even more. Stories from the heart buddhist stories. Life is too short, too precious, too painful to waste on worldly bubbles that burst.

Human life is precious quotes human life is very precious. Human life is precious quotes. Pain and suffering is part of human life.

Human life is wonderfully precious to god; Every human life is precious in god’s sight and no effort should be spared in the attempt to promote throughout the world a genuine respect for the inalienable rights and dignity of individuals and peoples everywhere.—pope benedict. You have probably seen the life is so precious photo on any of your favorite social networking sites, such as facebook, pinterest, tumblr, twitter, or even your personal website or.

When there is purity in thought, word and deed, human values are practised. With our precious human life, it is as if we have made it temporarily to the roof of samsara and the best shot at escaping we’ve ever had. We are probably amongst the 0.000000000001% luckiest people in samsara right now.

“every human life is precious in god’s sight and no effort should be spared in the attempt to promote throughout the world a genuine respect for the inalienable rights and dignity of individuals and peoples everywhere.” — pope benedict xvi quotes from A blog dedicated to quotes i relate to and ones that inspire me. Inner peace begins with a.

Discover and share precious human life is quotes. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. A man that seeks truth and loves it must be reckoned precious to any human society.

And for that reason, it is to be held as immeasurably valuable and sacred. I think i'm very conscientious of how precious life is and how quickly life can be taken away from you, especially at times when it can be least expected. Because anything so valued by god cannot be anything but wonderfully holy.

You can use a quote or two from this list of precious moments quotations to tell Life is precious and there’s not a lot of room for anger.—fran drescher. The value of life is not in the length of days, but in the use we make of them;

But by involvement in purely worldly pursuits, the greatness of human birth is forgotten. We’ve been queuing up for this for aeons. We can do so many things in life, but do not forget to work towards your passion and achieve the purpose of your life.

Here are some precious moments quotes, life is precious quotes and sayings. And to discover a way of living. Here are 30 great quotes to reflect about the value of life:

As much as people try to avoid pain, the reality is that there can be no gain without pain. We should not be afraid to say that all human life is holy (which is the meaning of sacred); And it ought so to be observed.

Every human being bears his fingerprints. The quote life is something to be treasured is often used in the discussion of life's fragility, but it can also be seen as indicating that life should be. Mistakes are a part of being human.

It is when we overcome painful situations that we fully realize how life is precious.

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Human Life Is Precious Quotes

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