Our Facilities


We take our security measures extremely seriously here at Gramma's School House. From automatic locking doors to strict rules on who is allowed to enter our building during active childcare hours, our entire day is governed by a set of stringent security messages set in place to keep our children and staff safe.

The most important key feature is that our entire facilities was built upon the foundation of running a secure childcare center. Our entire play parameter is completely gated and our staff always oversees the children through their play and learning times. At no point in time are the children left on their own. You can rest assured while you're at your workplace that your child is in the best hands of an experienced and loving staff dedicated to keeping your child safe at all times.

Safety Features

When our building was designed, it was created as a childcare center. Many features of our facilities are unique to our building and were developed to keep children from getting hurt.

We offer a safe controlled environment for the children to explore and learn within each room. Each room has been baby or child proofed for their approximate age group.

  • Electrical outlets are at heights above a child's reach
  • All doors can open from the inside for safety or quick exit if needed

Clean Facilities & Toys

"We continually clean our toys and just about everything else that children touch - You can see the difference"

Here at Gramma's School House day care center we put our emphasis on maintaining a healthy environment for our children and staff by keeping our facilities super clean.

"Clean and Healthy" is our motto. Children as well as staff are taught the proper hand washing method. Our staff must follow all rules to help our facilities stay as clean as possible. Our toys and educational items are frequently cleaned to minimize the spreading of germs.

Stimulating Environment

"Our entire staff is just so creative and the children love it!"

As soon as you enter Gramma's School House day care parents and children will see a colorful and exciting display of books, posters, educational posters and creative mobiles. Each day care staff member brings their creativity to each room with creative touches. We utilize educational posters that teach building blocks that the children can use as they prepare for their future. Each room has carefully selected play and learning items that we use in our story book time and throughout our preschool educational curriculum.